FLEXEM FE4150X – 15″ inch

نام : FE4150X

سایز : 394mm x 297mm x 48.3mm

Resolution  : 1024*768

دمای کاری : -20~70°C

روکش فلزی با قابلیت خنک کاری و نویز گیری بالا

CPU قدرتمندو کیفیت تصویر بالا

پاور ایزوله

دارای برد الکترونیکی با پوشش مقاومتر نسبت به خوردگی


    Hardware Parameter

    Display 15” 4:3 TFT LCD
    Ethernet 10M/100M Ethernet
    Power Protection Isolated power supply,protected from thunderstrike and surging
    Resolution:(W×H) 1024×768
    Colors 24-bit Colors
    Brightness 400cd/m²
    Backlight LED
    Backlight Life 50000 Hours
    Touch Panel 4 wires resistive touch screen
    CPU 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8
    Memory 128MB Flash+128MB DDR3
    RTC Built in
    USB Port 1 USB Device2.0, 1 USB Host2.0
    Serial Communication COM1/COM2:RS232/RS485/RS422; COM3/COM4:RS232
    Program Download USB Disk/USB Device/Ethernet/SD Card
    SD Card Supporting
    LCD Viewing Angle(T/B/L/R) 80’/80’/80’/80′

    Electrical Specifications

    Input Power DC 24V,Input Range:DC 18V~28V
    Power Consumption < 15W
    Power Down Allowed < 5mS
    CE&RoHS EN61000-6-2:2005, EN61000-6-4:2007, RoHS, CESurge Immunity:±1KV;EFT:±2KV; ESD:4KV, Air:8KV

    Environmental Requirements

    Working Temperature -20~70°C
    Storage Temperature -30~80°C
    Ambient Temperature 10~90%RH(No condensation)
    Operating Humidity 10~25Hz(X/Y/Z 2G/30Min)
    Cooling Natural cooling


    Degree of Protection FrontIP65(with NEMA Panel), Back IP20
    Shell Material Aluminum alloy+galvanized sheet covering powder
    Hole Size 360mmx272mm
    Overall Size 394mm x 297mm x 48.3mm
    Total Weight About 4300g

    پورت ها

    Power Terminals

    Pin1 FG
    Pin2 0V
    Pin3 DC24V


    Pin1 Rx-(B)
    Pin2 RxD_PLC (COM1 RS232)
    Pin3 TxD_PLC(COM1 RS232)
    Pin4 Tx-
    Pin5 GND
    Pin6 Rx+(A)
    Pin7 RxD_PLC(COM3 RS232)
    Pin8 TXD_PLC(COM3 RS232)
    Pin9 Tx+


    Pin1 Rx-(B)
    Pin2 RxD_PLC (COM2 RS232)
    Pin3 TxD_PLC (COM2 RS232)
    Pin4 Tx-
    Pin5 GND
    Pin6 Rx+(A)
    Pin7 RxD_PLC(COM4 RS232)
    Pin8 TxD_PLC(COM4 RS232)
    Pin9 Tx+

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